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www.MyFlorida.com/ACCESSFlorida – ACCESS Florida Benefits

Are you a person considering applying for Food Stamps and Medicaid? If so, visit the ACCESS Florida website, complete and submit application form on the internet. If you Qualify, you may be able to receive Food and Medical Assistance from the State through its Benefits program. What exactly is the purpose of this Program?


They provides Food, Cash Assistance and Medicaid to qualified low income individuals via the program. Low income individuals and families may be eligible to apply for Food Stamp and get Food Assistance. With stricter threshold, low income persons, who are also aged, disabled, pregnant or perhaps a child, may be eligible to submit  for Medicaid system and receive medical coverage. You can check whether you are eligible on the web site first, then apply for whatever you need online. For much more detailed information, you can go to FAQs page of the web site via the 2nd link in Related Links below.

How To Apply?


  • Applicants need to have a valid Social Security Number (SSN).
  • To complete online form, you should provide household and personal information including Social Security Number, income information, resource or asset information, housing expenses, health insurance information, proof of US citizenship and identity for US citizens.
  • In case you are an immigrant and desire to submit a form for the system, you should provide evidence of immigration status.

Check In Case You Are Eligible

  • Visit site, click “Prescreening” button to enter pre screening tool page.
  • Answer several questions and submit, see whether your home may be eligible for the benefits you need to apply.

Online Application

  • Go to website, click “Apply For Benefits” button to enter for Food Assistance, Cash Assistance and Medicaid page.
  • Read directions with care and click “Continue” to begin application.
  • Choose “Apply For Benefits”.
  • Within another Benefit Selection page, pick which programs you need to implement, Food Stamps/Cash Assistance/Medicaid/HCBS/Waivers or Nursing Home Medicaid Coverage.
  • Complete form with your personal info and submit.

After Application

  • You will likely receive an interview, mainly in form of phone interview, to check your information.
  • You’re going to get a reply to Food Assistance application within 30 days, to Medicaid and Cash Assistance application within 45 days.


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